Pledgers are organisations or individuals who have promised (or pledged) to take the children's solutions and replicate them across the planet but have not yet finished scaling the impact.

  • Dla Nauczycieli

    I show teachers how to teach better - listening to the students and empowering them. I prepare ready to use solutions for teachers.

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  • Colegio Alfonso Garcia Robles

    We are a private school in a small city called Cortazar in guanajuato Mexico. Our goal is to improve the quality of the education our children receive and help them find their talents and opportunities.

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  • Ias

    Produção de materiais pedagógicos para jovens

  • Ias

    Produção de materiais pedagógicos para jovens

  • Green World

    Nuestros somos un grupo de jóvenes que buscar el desarrollo integral de las demás personas para que así puedan generar un cambio ambiental alrededor de ello y puedan ser lideres de cambio como nosotros

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  • Artista Independiente

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  • SellAccs

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  • Swades

    An NGO working on holistic village development

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  • International School of Trends

  • GEMS American Academy, Abu Dhabi

    The GEMS American Academy is a for-profit private school in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It offers an American curriculum as well as the International Baccalaureate curriculum. The school is a member of the GEMS Education network of schools.

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    The community faced in 2020 the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19, last wishes as not be the having said that Constricting measures taken through different governments to bar the spread of the disease, including the finding enjoyment in or faultless closure of cinemas, forcing the industry to redo and locate unknown ways to interact with the public. It transfer take diverse years formerly the new group proves noticeable, covid-19SF3535sd$fsdfsdfsdf! as lengthy as everyone is remote veil lovers are told to reward the most famous movies epidemics that filmmakers are scared to pass at near, and to set side by side stories with reality.

  • world virtual museum


  • Secretaria municipal de meio ambiente e sustentabilidade

  • KlemBox

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  • Bharti Foundation


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    Sunbeam was founded in 1972 by Dr.Amrit lal ‘Ishrat Madhok and Mrs. Deesh ‘ Ishrat’ Madhok, who felt the need of a private educational institution to cater to the holistic educational needs of the students fraternity in Varanasi and thus was born Sunbeam. Sunbeam started its momentous journey in a small rented apartment. Armed with a vision plus boundless energy and gaining credibility by the day, giant strides were made and the young institution grew rapidly in enrolment, quality and community recognition and soon outgrew its place of birth and it became obvious that a new location was needed. After Sunbeam Bhagwanpur came Sunbeam Schools at Annapurna (1996), Sunbeam Women’s College (2000), Lahartara (2002),Varuna (2002), Indiranagar (2005) and Suncity (2010). The progressive march to spread education also resulted in opening up of Associate Sunbeam Schools at Mughalsarai (2004) Jaunpur, Allahabad, Ghazipur and Mau (all in 2011) and Deoria, Bhadohi and Narayanpur (2012) with many more on the anvil. Today more than 16000 students are part of Sunbeam Schools which over the years have given to the society, citizens par excellence and continue to contribute to the society through innumerable CBSE board toppers, national and international players of repute and stars who are shining bright in the cultural horizon. As a group, Sunbeam truly epitomizes the fact that success is a journey and not a destination.

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    Музичні інструменти в Токмаку: купити музичний інструмент бу в Токмаку - Дошка оголошень TORG.ZONE

  • Dulwich International High School Suzhou

    A school for 14-19 year old students

  • DFC Malaysia

    DFC Partner in Malaysia

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  • DFC India

  • RCAS

  • School of Saints Faith, Hope and Charity

    PreK-8th grade Catholic school

  • Agrupamento de Escolas Rio Novo do Príncipe - Cacia

    Our school is located about 5 km from Aveiro, in Cacia and this year has 710 students age 9-16 years We are part of cluster schools and they also integrates some kindergartens and primary schools around the main geographical area. We also have one Vocational Class (targetting students aged between 14 to 18. Our staff members are 75.

  • Evergreen Middle School

    I'm a 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher who is passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals and their place in our world's classrooms. I believe in the power of transformative pedagogy and implement it widely, along with other global competencies, to prepare my students for the future. I am an SDG Ambassador and Advocate.

  • JSW Foundation

    JSW Foundation, the social development arm of the JSW Group, works towards empowering communities with the core goal to nurture their aspirations as well as capabilities.

  • Coeducational Senior Secondary School

    The school was established in 1993. School is run by (JET) Jindal Education Trust. The school is situated in the picturesque Konkan belt, 19 Kms away from the district headquarters of Raigad, Alibaug. It does not enjoy any government aid. It is a co-educational day school located in a lush green locality free from pollution. The school building is constructed in a conducive manner with spacious, airy classrooms. It provides facilities necessary to foster healthy academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular environment. The school is spread over 3.5 acres of area and is conducting classes from Nursery to XII. We have a strength of approximately 900 students. The school is affiliated to the CBSE and offers the students both Science and Commerce streams at Higher Secondary level.



  • Coventry School

    Bilingual school


    A community based school.

  • Bring Me A Book

    We promote reading aloud and life long learning in Hong Kong by providing access to good books, parent and teaching training.

  • Govt.Of National Capital Territory Of Delhi

    The Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) is a premier think-tank of the Government of NCT of Delhi and advises the government in finding sustainable, people-centric solutions to the critical development challenges facing Delhi. DDC acts as a bridge between external stakeholders and the Delhi Government in the effective formulation and implementation of policies

  • MGM Clover Dale school

  • DFC España

    DFC partner in Spain

  • VisTalker

    Uplifting Chinese Society to Be Globally Competitive